Bed & Breakfast in Franche-Comté

With a chambre d'hôte in Franche-Comté your holiday can not go wrong! At Chambres d'Hôtes in we therefore select the best b & b's in the region. So you always ensure quality with us!

Nature lovers, pay attention! A chambre d'hôte in Franche-Comté is the ideal starting point for a relaxing holiday in nature. Waterfalls, mountain landscapes, fields and forests provide a large part of the landscape in this region. Especially the Parc Naturel Régional du Haute-Jura is a must if you want to take a nice walk with spectacular views.

Even in nature, there is no shortage of beauty in Franche-Comté. No less than four villages from this region were declared the most beautiful villages in France: Pesmes, Lods, Baume-les-Messieurs and Château-Chalon. They are all part of the Petits Cités Comtoises de Caractère: typical Comtoise towns. Here you can make a cultural trip and get lost in the cozy streets. Especially Fondremand offers a glimpse of history thanks to the medieval look of the city.

Different options for your vacation

The range of b & b's at Chambres d'Hôtes in consists of a selection of chambres d'hôtes that meet strict quality standards. We want to assure you that your holiday accommodation is of good quality. We also ensure that you are always contacted directly with the landlord of the chambre d'hôtes so that you can contact him for any questions. You can always contact our team at Chambres d'Hôtes in! We also find it important that every tour group can find a suitable bed and breakfast with us. Since every holidaymaker is different, we offer many different options in terms of holidays, including:

B & Bs with wifi

Child friendly b & b's

B & Bs with swimming pool

Chambres d'hôtes in Provence

Bed and breakfast with petit déjeuner

Discover the ideal chambre d'hôtes in Franche-Comté!

Find your ideal bed and breakfast in Franche-Comté? That is possible at Chambres d'Hôtes in! Take a look at the bottom of this page. There you will find a selection from our range of quality b & b's in France!

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