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If you would like to book a b & b in France with Belgians, then you have come to the right place at Chambres d'Hôtes in! If you book your stay in a bed and breakfast in France, we will always bring you in direct contact with the Belgian landlord. So there are no intermediaries or cumbersome procedures. You always have a direct contact point where you can go with your questions.

Of course we are always ready to help you make your holiday as pleasant as possible and you can always contact our helpdesk. The advantage of the direct contact with your Belgian landlord is that he knows a lot of the region in which you stay. This allows him to recommend lesser-known but equally impressive sights that the average holidaymaker will not discover on their own. This helps you to make your holiday unforgettable.

Do you have questions about our range of b & b's? Please contact us via the contact page. We are happy to help you!

With Belgians on holiday in France

We are pleased to offer you a b & b in France at Belgen and therefore work together with Belgian landlords. They know better than anyone what Belgian holidaymakers want to experience during their stay. Of course it is also a great advantage that these landlords speak Dutch, so there will be no language barrier between you and the landlord.

At Chambres d'Hôtes in France, an enormous amount of importance is attached to quality. We therefore not only look for a b & b in France with Belgians where you can stay, but we also subject every bed and breakfast to strict quality requirements. Our range is therefore a selection of the best guest houses that you will find in France.

Compose your own holiday

Not everyone fills in the concept of 'dream vacation' the same. One would like to spend the whole day on an adventure to discover the most fantastic monuments and experiences, the other one likes to lie by the pool to read a book. We think it is important that you can put together your own holiday as you wish. That is why we offer you a wide range of different facilities that are offered in the b & b's. For example, we offer the following options:

Bed and breakfast with swimming pool

On holiday in France with your pet

Child-friendly b & b's in France

B & Bs with wifi

B & Bs with petit déjeuner

By choosing which facilities you like, we want to make your holiday as pleasant as possible. Of course you can also choose in which area in France you prefer to stay. So we offer different rooms in Provence, Brittany, Normandy and many other regions!

On our website you can always find information about the b & b's in France with Belgians that we offer you.

Are you ready for your holiday in your b & b in France?

If you are ready to enjoy a b & b in France with Belgians, do not wait any longer and book your dream holiday now! If you have any questions that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done via We are happy to help you!

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