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With a chambre d'hôtes in Burgundy you get all the elements for a successful and restful holiday. Together with your family or friends you can explore the beautiful surroundings of Burgundy, to return in the evening to your pleasant b & b, which is rented by Belgian landlords.

To make your holiday as pleasant as possible, we at Chambres d'hôtes in France always have direct contact with the landlord of your residence. In this way you never have to follow cumbersome measures to ask a question, for example. You will also immediately gain some knowledge about the local attractions in Burgundy. The landlord will namely be able to know several nice places where the average holidaymaker normally does not end up. Of course you can always contact us for questions and any comments via our contact page.

Explore Burgundy from your chambre d'hôtes

This well-known French wine region has many trump cards behind it. There are countless buildings from different historical periods, such as ruins of ancient Roman theaters and castles from the Renaissance. You can explore all this at your leisure from your chambre d'hôtes in Burgundy.

Burgundy not only has a very rich history, the landscape in the region is also very impressive. There are, of course, a large number of vineyards between the many charming villages. The hilly landscape is like a postcard, especially from high vantage points such as the Mont Beuvray.

Of course nothing is so nice after having spent a whole day exploring the region in your bed and breakfast. The chambre d'hôtes in Burgundy is not the only option that we have in our assortment. At Chambres d'hôtes in you can find different formulas that are suitable for your needs. Below is a selection from our offer:

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Chambres d'hôtes in Provence

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Bed and breakfast in Auvergne

Chambre d'hôtes with swimming pool

On our website you can view information and photos for each option. This way you can imagine the formula that best suits you and your travel companions.

B & Bs in France, let by Belgians and Dutch

Quality is highly valued at Chambres d'hôtes in France. That is why we make the best selections of b & b's for you. So you are always assured of the quality of your stay and you can always leave on vacation. Your chambre d'hôtes in Burgundy, like all our other accommodations, is therefore subject to strict quality standards. We also work together with Belgian landlords. We do this because Belgians are bon vivants who quickly discover the best places to celebrate holidays.

For everyone there is a suitable holiday, whether you love walking, blowing out at a swimming pool, or like to go on holiday with your whole family including children. We offer different types of chambre d'hôtes so that we can meet everyone's wishes. Everyone has a different idea of ​​the perfect holiday, and we would like to fulfill that idea for everyone.

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