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For a relaxing holiday in sunny France, a chambre d'hôtes in Dijon is a good idea. You and your friends or family can enjoy the atmosphere and activities in Dijon, the capital of Burgundy. After discovering the region during the day, you can return to your b & b in the evening to enjoy afterwards.

At Chambres d'Hôtes in France, we always prefer quality over quantity. That is why we subject all b & b's to strict quality standards. As a result, our range consists of a selection of the best guest houses. We also work together with Belgian landlords, because they understand how Belgians like to celebrate their holidays.

You will always be brought into direct contact with the landlord of the residence you choose. So you always have a contact person if you have questions or comments. You can also benefit from the knowledge the landlord has of the region in which you are located. For example, he may give you tips to discover Dijon that will help you make your holiday unforgettable.

If you have questions or comments about our offer, you can always reach us via our contact page. We are happy to help you!

Explore Dijon from your chambre d'hôtes

Dijon is a beautiful city with a rich history that has left many sights. A chambre d'hôtes in Dijon is therefore an ideal way to discover all this! A well-known example is the Dijon Cathedral, which has already withstood many wars unperturbed. Are you more of a nature lover? Then a visit to the Jardin botanique de l'Arquebuse should not be missed. This botanical garden provides a soothing feeling in the busy city thanks to the wide variety of different types of flowers and plants that can be found there.

Many of us also recognize the name Dijon in the culinary field. We are of course thinking of the well-known dijon mustard. However, the city has many more culinary delights to offer, including different wines. If you are a real Burgundian, then Dijon will certainly charm your heart.

The range of b & b's that we offer you, of course, goes far beyond the chambre d'hôtes in Dijon. We also offer rooms in other regions. Below is a selection of our offer:

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On our website you can feel free to explore our offer so that you choose the holiday that best suits your needs.

Enjoy your chambre d'hôtes in Dijon

Because we want to make your holiday as pleasant as possible, we would like to meet you. That is why you can not only choose which region in France you want to stay in, but you can also choose which facilities your b & b should offer. For example, if you would like to stay in a chambre d'hôtes in Dijon, but would also like to have a swimming pool, then it is possible to indicate this in your search.

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With Chambres d'Hôtes in you can always leave with peace of mind because we always guarantee the quality of your stay. Of course we are always ready for any questions or comments. You can contact us via We are happy to help you!

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