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If you are looking for a chambre d'hôtes in France, a direct contact with the landlord is important. You will already get to know him and you will receive information from a person who knows a lot about the region. This may lead you to places where you would otherwise never come. Moreover, this first impression also means that you can leave stress-free to your destination.

Chambres d'Hotes in France therefore does not work with intermediaries which makes the contact between you and the landlord only faster and clearer. In addition, we do not charge an extra commission to the booker. This makes the price for a Chambre d'hôtes very attractive. Finally, you can count on being supported with questions or problems. You can always reach us via the website if you find it necessary!

Explore regions in France from your bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast is ideal for exploring the different regions in France. We therefore offer rooms from northern France to southern France. There are chambres d'hôtes in Brittany where you can visit Belle-Île or "beautiful island". An island that has not stolen its name thanks to the beautiful white sandy beaches and cliffs.

But also in Nord-Pas-De-Calais you can stay in one of our b & b's. Here you can view different belfries or just enjoy in a quiet village. Outside of Brittany and Nord-Pas-De-Calais we therefore offer rooms:

Chambres d'hôtes on the Côte d'Azur

Chambres d'hôtes in Provence

Bed and breakfast in Normandy

Chambres d'hôtes in Burgundy

Bed and breakfast in Auvergne

Are you wondering where in France we still offer rooms? Be sure to check out our website!

Staying with Belgians in France

At Chambres d'hôtes in France we also work with Belgian landlords. We do this because Belgians know what tenants want as real holidaymakers. That is why the quality of the bed and breakfasts is also desirable. We select the rooms that we offer accurately.

We offer child-friendly chambre d'hôtes so you can travel with the whole family. There is also the possibility to book a room where wifi connection is available, a swimming pool, or both of course. Whether you want an active holiday with lots of walking and / or cycling pleasure or a nice lazy holiday where you can relax by the pool while reading a book.

Everyone can have fun in a chambre d'hôtes in France in their own way. The quality of the various b & b's in the assortment all fall within the same category. We therefore want to guarantee the tenant that they are booking a top holiday.

Look between the offers and find your ideal chambre d'hôtes!

At Chambres d'hôtes in France you can count on a top holiday. Be sure to visit our website to view photos and get further information about the different rooms and facilities. Do you have any questions? Please contact

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